Introductory Questions

1. Cecilia Fosen: Junior-Com Des

2. I am primarily interested in Illustration and Typography, though I do have a bit of experience in 3D animation. I chose to take this class so that I will be able to keep up with any more intense virtual design projects that I may face in my career.

3. I have never done any kind of coding but I am very excited to learn!

4. Ideally, by the end of this class I hope to have a rudimentary website to add to my portfolio. I would also like the base knowledge needed to continue learning website design later on.

5. I think that designing for screen likely take much more time to redesign and implement, due to needing to change the physical code each time. With drawing, you can just draw it again. But for coding, I imagine it takes a lot more time to go find and edit the individual lines of code needed to create a new iteration.

6. is a very simple and well-designed website. The categories are clear and the scrolling feature loads a seemingly endless number of stories in backwards chronological order, without the need for "pages" within individual subjects. Also, the ads don't really get in the way of anything.

7. One of the my favorite news-cyclers is Unlike a lot of news sites like the New York Times or CNN, the page isn't absolutely flooded with headlines and subheads to the point of unreadability. The site chooses the more recent newsarticles from major sources and lists them clearly. There are also a number of subcategories like "health" or "business" to sort major news in different areas. One thing that I will say is that the site occasionally includes less than reputable sources (such as tabloids) or will cherry-pick news that it's algorithms know you will "agree" with.

8. I think that Twitch ( is a very well-designed website. Not only does the site accurately sort and reccomend tens of thousands of livestreams at any moment, but the tabs/categories are easy to navigate. While there are sometimes lag issues, the livestream pages themselves are well-designed for both audience interaction and streamer individualized designs.